TEXX TEAM is a company dealing with sorting and trading with second-hand clothes for two decades already. TEXX TEAM means credibility, quality and tradition.

In a close partnership with some of the leading companies in the used clothes business in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland), USA, Russia, Texx Team is offering more than 250 different articles of various grades to clients in Eastern Europe (Greece, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Macedonia, Serbia), Russia, Africa (Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya and Congo) and Asia (Pakistan and India).

In our product list you will find a wide range of second-hand clothes on bales, grouped into various categories. 

Texx Team EAD started its activity in 1996 and at present, it is a part of a holding structure, specialized in the activities related to the collection, sorting out and wholesale of second-hand clothes.

Due to our long-term experience, we only work with approved suppliers and partners, which ensure stability and the highest quality of raw materials and production. We are a reliable partner for you and your business having an established policy in terms of quality, sorting out and sales of used clothes